About PharmaScroll

PharmaScroll is a diligent business consulting and market research firm focused solely towards pharmaceutical markets. The company consults and  researches in majorly chronic disease indications prevalent across the globe. The research conducted by PharmaScroll analysts is targeted to provide analytical and logical answers to the key business questions of the pharmaceutical and medical insights teams and to make better informed business decisions with the detailed relevant information available.

The PharmaScroll team consists of multiple dedicated and knowledgeable research analysts with a strong background in pharmaceuticals, statistical and management space. The PharmaScroll research reports are an outcome of the combined research of these analysts at PharmaScroll. The reports are constructed based on the meticulous secondary research and series of primary researches which PharmaScroll conducts in the market on regular basis. The secondary research sources included in PharmaScroll report include company websites, financial reports, journals, investor relations presentations, multiple online research articles, papers and news items and many other secondary databases which PharmaScroll has a subscription of.

Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed patients

Our Mission

To keep our customers at the forefront of everything we do at the organization. We strive to deliver quality work with maximum efficiency specifically targeted towards the needs of the customers and in doing so not to lose focus on the values we believe in, which are integrity, honesty, fairness and discipline in doing business.

Our Vision

To become a preferred and most trusted research partner to our clients by providing actionable market insights and detailed market research findings which would help them in making key business decisions which would further make an impact in the life of patients suffering from chronic diseases throughout the world.

Pharmascroll Team

Pharmascroll team is a unique and balanced mix of pharmacy experts with subject area knowledge, individuals with strong analytical abilities, MBAs with cogent business acumen and forecasters with dedicated skills related to forecasting.

Founders of Pharmascroll are just the right combination of individuals with strong MBA and marketing background and with pharmaceutical experience from the industry. One of the founders of Pharmascroll is a pass out of one of the top B-Schools in the world.