PharmaScroll’s Business Intelligence solutions empower users to mine complex data using extensive data extraction techniques, analyze the data to generate insights, visualize data in a more meaningful way using advanced visualization tools, have access to real time dashboards to eliminate the need of ad-hoc manual reporting, and make relevant and informed business decisions based on comprehensive data backed analysis.

PharmaScroll offers multiple Business Intelligence services and some of the services offered include:

Performance Tracking

Our Performance Tracking services include conducting detailed Market and Therapy area assessments. We track Brand and Competitor level performance indicators for multiple therapeutic indications and present them in the form of intelligent BI dashboards using advanced visualization tools such as Qlik Sense and Tableau. We also create detailed Business Performance scorecards using infographics and conduct Performance Gap analysis to highlight the lagging and leading segments in a business.

Launch Excellence

Our launch excellence services include creating effective and meticulous launch strategy and plan. The planning outlines effective go to market strategies across various channels. We also diligently help in KPI ideation, planning and tracking for Brands as well as competitor in real time as well as on weekly/monthly basis. Our predictive tools help in creating detailed uptake and performance curves. We also offer promotional spend channel analysis to outline and revisit promotional strategies and thereby help in removing inefficiencies.

Data Extraction and Dashboarding

We utilize multiple programming languages to conduct effective text and data mining. We have skilled associates and manpower in technologies such as SAS, SQL, R, Python, Dataiku, Alteryx and NLP algorithms, who can mine and create insights based on unstructured data. We also have skillsets in complex visualization tools such as Qlik, Tableau and Power BI which we utilize to create real time user dashboards.

BD&L Support

We offer extensive BD&L support, which starts from identifying potential targets and detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis to understand the
lucrativeness of the opportunity. We also conduct detailed risk assessments and help the firms in creating the execution strategy along with the financial modelling for the deals.

KOL Profiling

We refer to multiple channels including the online and offline channels to identify the relevant KOLs in a particular Therapy area or indication of interest. PharmaScroll has its own diligent methodology to rank and profile the KOLs on various parameters such as Professional Background, Experience, Publications, Trial participations, Congress participation, Social Media engagement, Digital Influencer network and multiple other parameters. PharmaScroll also conducts the behavioral ranking and profiling of KOLs on various attributes of DISC scale.

Sales Force Analytics

PharmaScroll conducts detailed Sales Force analytics ranging from Sales Force
optimization & alignment to Sales Force Target & Incentives planning. We
track the performance of Field associates on various target parameters and present the results and findings in the form of advanced dashboards, which can be utilized by Field personnel from any location. PharmaScroll also performs detailed Segmentation and Targeting exercises specifically related to HCP profiling and patient and payer segmentations.

Predictive Analytics

PharmaScroll utilizes complex predictive models using most advanced technologies for helping Pharma firms make complex decisions, which can have significant futuristic implications. Based on our predictive analytics and models, we assist firms with Trial Design and Optimization, creating Product uptakes & performance, Predictive risk assessment, and Patient Insights and Marketing Strategy.

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