Migraine can be prevented without medication

Migraine can be prevented & cured without medication

A migraine is a neurological disorder which is often characterized by moderate to severe pain on one side of the head. Migraine attacks can be very intimidating and vary in range and frequency for different patients.

Some facts:

  • The disease is known to be one of the three most prevalent diseases in the world and it is prevalent in around 14% of the entire world population and in the US, the prevalence is around 12% of the US population.


  • There is a range of medications available in the disease starting from Acute to Prophylactic treatment therapies. Majority of patients rely on these medications to relieve themselves of the throbbing pain experienced and to reduce the frequency of occurrence of Migraine attacks. Some of the patients even have to take multiple pills in a day to alleviate the pain in the attacks.


  • These medications though effective in the treatment of pain, have some serious side effects associated with them. For example, Triptans, which are the widely used treatments for alleviating pain, have some serious Cardio Vascular side effects which can impact the quality of life of the patients in the longer term.


  • To avoid these side effects by the over-consumption of medications, sufferers would need to look at other traditional measures to prevent the occurrence of the disease and its related attacks. To understand these measures, which can help in the prevention of the attacks, one needs to look deeper into the causes of these attacks and understand the causes to make interventions for the prevention of attacks.


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 Causes of a migraine and its potential prevention measures  :

Diet changes:

  • The diet changes have been observed to trigger the disease in some people. Some foods like salty food, cheese, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, salami and, excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine can cause the attacks. Skipping diets and fasting or dehydration may also lead to a Migraine in some patients.
  • Thus, to prevent the disease, it is recommendable to have regular diets on time and to avoid certain diet ingredients like extra consumption of salty and cheesy food, artificial sweeteners etc. Also limiting the intake of alcohol and caffeine would help.


  • Consumption of certain medications such as Hormone-related medicines, eg. hormone replacement medicines, and birth control pills can trigger a Migraine in some patients.
  • Some other medicines which can lead to the disease in patients include sleep-inducing medicines, vasodilators etc. Avoiding the over-consumption of medications is always advisable as this helps in avoiding many side effects associated with the drugs.


  • Stress, both in physical and mental form, can lead to Migraine attacks in people. Working excessively for longer times leading to physical fatigue and additional work involving excessive brain activity can lead to the disease in people.
  • Thus a very important point to be kept in mind to avoid the disease and lead a healthy life is to reduce stress in life both in physical and mental forms.


  • Loss of sleep due to multiple reasons like additional work, time cycle changes etc. can act as a trigger for the attacks in patients. Also, excessive sleep can lead to a headache in patients. Thus the right amount of sleep is what would keep a Migraine at bay.

Environmental Changes:

  • The weather and pressure changes in the environment, strong smells, smoke, frequent vision changes, loud sounds can also act as triggers for potential Migraine attacks in people.
  • The measures which one should take here is to avoid going into loud noises and to the places where there are excessive smoke and pollution. Wearing a mask at these places would also be helpful.

Other Causes:

  • There are other causes like Genetics, Hormonal changes etc. which lead to a Migraine in people. However, these factors are more external and not in control of people, but the factors which have been discussed above are certainly in an individual’s control and can be taken care of to avoid a chronic intimidating disease like a Migraine.


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