33 percent more people suffer from Depression as compared to 2013, new research finds


In this report, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association examined diagnosed major depressive disorder (major depression) using the breadth and depth of data available through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index. According to the BCBS Health Index, major depression is the second most impactful condition on overall health for commercially insured Americans, second to hypertension (high blood pressure).

Major depression is a complex condition that has a substantial impact on overall health and wellness. It is crucial to effectively address and manage this condition to improve the health of all Americans.

Specific Findings:

  • Major depression has a diagnosis rate of 4.4 percent in the United States, affecting more than 9 million commercially insured Americans.


  • Diagnoses of major depression have risen dramatically by 33 percent since 2013. This rate is rising even faster among millennials (up 47 percent) and adolescents (up 47 percent for boys and 65 percent for girls).


  • Women are diagnosed with major depression at higher rates than men (6 percent and nearly 3 percent, respectively).


  • People diagnosed with major depression are nearly 30 percent less healthy on average than those not diagnosed with major depression. This decrease in overall health translates to nearly 10 years of healthy life lost for both men and women.


  • A key reason for the lower overall health of those diagnosed with major depression is that they are likely to also suffer from other health conditions. Eighty-five percent of people who are diagnosed with major depression also have one or more additional serious chronic health conditions and nearly 30 percent have four or more other conditions.


  • People diagnosed with major depression use healthcare services more than other commercially insured Americans. This results in more than two times higher overall healthcare spending ($10,673 compared to $4,283).


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