Novartis updates Launch Timeline for Advair Copy to 2019


Expected to hit the market by 2018, Advair generic copy from Novartis now has a revised timeline of 2019. Earlier in February, FDA turned back the probable generic from Novartis directing company to complete a a small bio-equivalence bridging study.

Novartis CEO, Vasant Narasimhan while answering a question from an analyst during “Novartis First Quarter Conference Call” stated revised timelines of 2019 for the launch of Advair generic copy.

“we would expect to have to do a small bridging study, a bio-equivalence bridging study, but we don’t view this to be a significant hurdle for what we can see right now. So, our plan would be to get that study started and, as I said, stated to be ready for launch within 2019”

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