VAYA Pharma Launches Vayarin Plus for ADHD patients


As per a recent update published in Globe Newswire, VAYA Pharma, a division of Frutarom, Industries Ltd, has introduced Vayarin Plus to augment the medical food product offerings of the firm. Vayarin Plus, a medical food for the dietary management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is formulated to help adults and adolescents who have difficulties with attention and components of executive function. Vayarin Plus would be available through a physician prescription as well as online through VAYA Direct.

“Since the launch of Vayarin in 2011, we have been improving the lives of many young children with ADHD. Now, following the successful completion of our clinical trial, we are excited to offer Vayarin Plus to help improve the lives of adults and adolescents, giving them a new, efficacious and safe non-drug option to manage their ADHD,” said Michelle Cuccia, CEO of VAYA. “Adult ADHD is a prevalent behavioral disorder that can lead to serious social and professional challenges for patients, and as a rapidly growing segment, there is a significant need for effective and safe non-drug options. People of all ages who are diagnosed with ADHD can benefit from using Vayarin and Vayarin Plus to manage their ADHD across different life stages.”

Vayarin Plus, a new extra-strength formula in the Vayarin product family, is indicated for the clinical dietary management of ADHD in adults and adolescents over the age of 14 that weigh more than 97 lbs. (44 kilograms). The patent-protected lipid composition in Vayarin Plus is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). The product is available in a hard-shell capsule, which can be opened and sprinkled on food if desired. The recommended daily dose of Vayarin Plus is 450 mg of Lipirinen, provided within two capsules taken once per day.


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