Market Reports

Pharmascroll team consists of multiple dedicated and knowledgeable research analysts with a strong background in pharmaceuticals, statistical and management space. The Pharmascroll research reports are an outcome of the combined research of these analysts at Pharmascroll. The reports are constructed based on the meticulous secondary research and series of primary researches which Pharmascroll conducts in the market on regular basis. The secondary research sources included in Pharmascroll report include company websites, financial reports, journals, investor relations presentations, multiple online research articles, papers and news items and many other secondary databases which Pharmascroll has a subscription of.

Pharmascroll disease indication report covers the information in detail on the following topics based on the type of report subscribed to.

  • Disease Definition and Etiology: The Pharmascroll report would cover in detail the definition and the various types of disease indication. The Pharmascroll report would further detail the causes and the symptoms of the disease indication.
  • Disease Diagnosis: The Pharmascroll reports also detail the multiple disease diagnosis methods including the diagnosis of the disease by symptoms and through multiple medical tests available.
  • Disease Epidemiology: The Pharmascroll report would clearly detail the prevalence and diagnosis rates and the prevalent and diagnosed population of the patients on the disease area in consideration in key geographies across the globe.
  • Market Overview: The Pharmascroll report mentions in detail the brands or the therapy products available in the market for the disease indication in the study. The brand details would consist of the name of the brand, its molecule name, launch and LoE details, mode of administration, patent and trial details and its expected/prevalent impact in the market.
  • Other Pipeline Products: Apart from mentioning the current available brands and products for a disease indication, the Pharmascroll report would also detail the pipeline products and the companies involved in the pipeline for the disease indication.
  • Drug Attribute Analysis: Pharmascroll report would conduct a thorough drug attribute analysis of all the major drugs present or in the pipeline on multiple disease parameters considered imperative by the physicians while prescribing a drug.
  • Market Sizing and Forecast: The detailed market size of the present market in the disease indication brand wise and geography wise is available in the Pharmascroll report. Apart from the current market size, the Pharmascroll report also covers the forecast of sales revenue and patient numbers brand wise and Geography wise for the brands or products. The market forecast used in the Pharmascroll reports is an outcome of detailed attribute analysis done by the Pharmascroll dedicated and knowledgeable forecasters. Multiple assumptions related to launch dates of the products in the market, price of the products, adherence and compliance rates of the products, dosages of the products are taken into consideration post detailed research and the forecast models are constructed. The forecast models are at the country level and can be developed at the regional level as well.