Role of Patient Insights in Building Strong Healthcare

Patient insights can give deep understanding to the Healthcare companies not only of the patients illness but also of the patient’s behavior and his/her interactions with different stakeholders. Patient insights can give a sneak peek on patients’ experiences, viewpoints, needs, and priorities at different stages of the diseases. Organizations, which are able to capture these insights, as well as make sense out of these and apply them in their internal strategy and communications, are much more successful as compared to the organizations who fail to realize the importance of these insights. Inspite of the importance of these insights, only ~21% of top healthcare marketers are able to successfully utilize patient insights to innovate and improve patient experiences.

Insights can be generated at different stages of the disease, where the patients interact with different stakeholders. The important point to note is that the nature and applications of insights generated at different stages of patient journey would vary and hence, it is important to be clear on what specific patient insights are you looking to capture and how these would be applied in your communication and marketing strategies.

Let’s try to look at the different stages of a patient journey for any disease and what insights can be captured at the different stages of the disease:

  • Symptom appearance and Presentation Stage: At this stage patients are experiencing initial disease symptoms and are not very clear on the diagnosis. Hence, they try to interact with multiple stakeholders and fellow patients and discuss their symptoms. Monitoring these patient conversations on different channels can help understand the initial patient symptoms, their emotions as they start their journey of the disease and the communication channels they utilize at this stage
  • Diagnosis Stage: At this stage, the patients would undergo multiple diagnostic tests and the physicians would monitor various biomarkers to make a confirmed diagnosis. Insights generated at this stage would help companies create detailed diagnosis pathways, understand top diagnostic tests and biomarkers. Understanding patient emotions at this stage, once they first hear about their diagnosis is critical as well to empathize with the patient.
  • Treatment and Post Treatment Phase: At this stage the patients record their experiences of various treatments, their efficacies and side effects. Also, they undergo multiple switches in the treatments. Understanding patient perceptions of multiple treatment options in terms of efficacy and safety can give important insights for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing firms. Also, understanding the switch behavior and reasons for switches can inform multiple marketing decisions for the companies.

By focusing on capturing the right patient insights and feeding it into the internal strategies, pharmaceutical companies can increase the effectiveness of treatments, reduce costs and improve the lives of patients. Traditionally, the pharma industry has designed clinical trials without gaining patient insights and understanding their preferences resulting in low patient recruitment, high patient dropouts, and cost. This can be corrected as well, if the right insights are captured from right channels.

Patient insight is a viable asset for transforming healthcare delivery. As patients are becoming more aware of their health conditions and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, keeping a tab on patient sentiments can improve treatment outcomes, and overall enhance the patient experience.