Social Media Analytics in Healthcare


The definition of “social media” is continuously evolving. Social media allows individuals and associations to communicate and share information, ideas, messages, and snaps. The social media platform lays out tools for knowledge exchange, debating health care policy, and discussing issues promoting health care. Social media monitoring helps to sort out information and integrate it from conversations that take place on social media.

Social Media Listening for the Pharmaceutical Industry with the Assistance of Social Media Analytics

Social media listening is the process of understanding what customers say and feel about the brand, industry, competitors, and important topics on social media. 

By performing social media analytics and applying those insights to upcoming marketing strategies, it helps the brand build and with good customer experiences.

This strategy is used for:

  • Evaluating customer point of view – Customers have positive, negative, or neutral views of a company, its products, and services. Social BI assists us in understanding how existing and potential customers look at your business.
  • Customer relationships – With the assistance of social BI, one can keep a closer look at customer feedback.
  • Performing market research – These insights with the assistance of social BI help to make smarter decisions about market expansions or product and service launches.
  • Estimating sales funnel – With the assistance of social BI one can track down the channels that drive the best results for their business.
  • Speculating campaign success – One can monitor how people are reacting to their efforts and determine campaigns’ success.
  • Delving top competitors – With access to social BI allows one to search about the conversations surrounding their competitors’ brands.


Insights derived from direct communication with customers, content performance analytics, and social listening data give the brand a clearer view and help to identify the growth of the company and the shifting of customer trends. Tracking online conversations and sentiment analysis of the customers will provide valuable data about the company’s target audience which will help in improving the overall business strategy in the long run.