PharmaScroll has access to over 5 million patient and physician conversations, which are analyzed using complex AI/ML and NLP algorithms, with minimal manual intervention, to derive multiple actionable insights for Brands. The firm extracts the patient and physician conversations from multiple social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and from Patient forums including Reddit, Inspire, Health Unlocked, WebMd, and others.

Social Media Analytics services, offered by PharmaScroll include

Therapy Area and Brand Assessments

Based on patient and physician conversations, we conduct detailed Disease, Therapy area, Brand and Competitive assessments including outlining key triggers and symptoms of the disease, current unmet needs, detailed patient journeys, QoL and Burden of disease and Brand reputation analysis. We also cover congresses (pre congress, during and post congress) to measure the share of voice of brands and companies and sentiment of the patients and physicians.

Real Time Performance and Perceptions monitoring

We provide real time insights related to product and competition performance and perceptions on efficacy, safety and monitoring based on online conversations. We also measure the awareness of brands and other indicators related to switch behavior for patients among the brands.

Digital Campaign Monitoring

PharmaScroll can monitor the performance of your online and digital campaigns and measure the patient and physician sentiment around the campaigns. We can further assist you in refining the campaign strategy, targeting and messaging based on the campaign performance and sentiment insights.

Digital KOL assessments

We refer to multiple channels including the online and offline channels to identify the relevant KOLs in a particular Therapy area or indication of interest. PharmaScroll has its own diligent methodology to rank and profile the KOLs on various parameters such as Professional Background, Experience, Publications, Trial participations, Congress participation, Social Media engagement, Digital Influencer network and multiple other parameters. PharmaScroll also conducts the behavioral ranking and profiling of KOLs on various attributes of DISC scale.

Drug Development Support and Pharmacovigilance

While in the drug development stage, PharmaScroll can assist the firms in various initiatives such as Potential target assessments, Trial end point assessments and creation of Target Product Profiles (TPPs). Post launch, PharmaScroll can support Pharmacovigilance initiatives such as monitoring Brand conversations, Tracking and reporting Adverse Events, Potential risk assessments and AE Impact assessments.

Product Launch Assessments

We can make your Brand or Product launch more effective by tracking brand related conversations on online channels and patient forums and provide real time insights on perceptions and risks. We can also assist in running various Digital and online campaigns which are mostly targeted towards influencers and can help in building Brand equity.