SocialBI – Social Media Listening Tool

PharmaScroll has been offering Social Media Analytics services to Pharmaceutical clients since many years. We offer a comprehensive end to end Social Media Analytics solution called SocialBI that combines strong technological expertise and functional Pharma Market Research focus to provide real time meaningful insights to the clients which will help them drive key strategic decision making.

SocialBI mines over 5 Mn patient and physician conversations from various patient forums and social media channels. These mined conversations are then cleaned using complex business rules and stringent inclusion/exclusion criteria. The cleaned conversations are analysed using artificial intelligence and most accurate machine learning algorithms to conduct topic modelling and identify relevant themes. Complex NLP algorithms are then utilized to arrive at relevant KPIs such as Treatment Share Of Voice (SoV), Switch behavior, Drug perceptions, Patient journey and more.

Disease Insights

SocialBI provides real-time valuable insights on  the disease indications of interest. Complex AI/ML algorithms are utilized to gain inputs into key disease indicators such as key Triggers and Symptoms of the disease, Lexicons used by the patients, Diagnostic tools utilized, Age of onset of the disease and multiple others, with high precision and accuracy. 


Treatment Share of Voice & Perceptions

SocialBI mines over 5mn patient conversations and analyses them, using automated algorithms, to get deeper insights into Treatment Share of Voice and Safety & Efficacy perceptions of available treatments. SocialBI platform also tracks key Adverse Events as reported by patients, unaided, and generate real world evidence for Pharmacovigilance and other teams.

Treatment Switch Behaviour

SocialBI employs strong NLP logics to identify Treatment Switch related patient and physician conversations and analyses these conversations to arrive at Treatment Switch related insights. SocialBI also captures the potential reasons for switching in and switching out patients in a real-time environment.

Detailed view of Switch related indicators can enable a Pharmaceutical firm to consolidate its market position by focusing on its strengths and improving on its flaws.


Detailed Patient Journey

Understanding every step in the patient journey is important and can help the Healthcare organizations in uncovering important insights. 

SocialBI mines and analyses conversations catering to different stages of the patient journey starting from Symptoms occurrence to Disease Awareness, followed by Disease Diagnosis, and Effective Treatment along with Follow-Up. These conversations are analysed using complex artificial Artificial intelligence/Machine learning and Natural language processing algorithms to uncover valuable insights, unmet needs and treatment gaps of in a patient’s journey. 

Why SocialBI is the Go-To Platform for Social Media Listening?

Integrated Platform starting from Data mining and extraction to data analytics

 SocialBI is an end to end comprehensive solution that conducts Data Mining, Data Cleaning, Data Analytics and Visualization using proprietary tools and technologies.

Taps into millions of conversations across patient forums

SocialBI mines over 5mn patient/physician conversations across all social media platforms and Patient forums including Reddit, Health Unlocked, WebMD, and others. The conversations are well distributed and hence offer quality and fairly accurate insights.

Real-time insights based on complex AI/ML and NLP algorithms

SocialBI utilizes complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms, highly accurate Machine Learning models, and strong NLP logics to arrive at performance indicators, with an overall processing time of less than 1 hour, making the insights effectively real-time.

Extremely cost-effective and efficient as compared to conventional research

Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars and months together in conventional research channels to get detailed insights related to the patient journey. SocialBI provides similar in-depth, and unbiased, insights at a fraction of the cost and in a real-time environment.

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