Why Pharmascroll

Pharmascroll.com is your one-stop shop if you are searching for or wanting to study a disease indication in detail. Pharmascroll reports offer a detailed overview of a disease indication covering the up to date information on the indication across key global geographies.

The Pharmascroll reports consist of disease information in detail along with its causes and symptoms, epidemiology of the disease, factors impacting a physician’s prescription decision, drugs prescribed in the disease area and their performance on key attributes, key pipeline products and the overall market sales in value and patient numbers for the drugs prescribed in the disease area. The information used in the report is based on thorough primary and secondary research and is validated by the Pharmascroll expert panel members.

The Pharmascroll reports further consist of robust market forecasts for the drugs prescribed and the key pipeline products as well in the disease area. The market forecast used in the Pharmascroll reports is an outcome of detailed attribute analysis done by the Pharmascroll dedicated and knowledgeable forecasters. Multiple assumptions related to launch dates of the products in the market, price of the products, adherence and compliance rates of the products, dosages of the products are taken into consideration post detailed research and the forecast model is constructed. The forecast models are at the country level and can be developed at the regional level as well.