The report gives the overview of Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis disease indication in detail and highlights the SPMS epidemiology in the present scenario and in future (forecasted) as well in the key geographies across the globe. The report starts with the basic definition, causes and symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and further details the types of Multiple Sclerosis disease indication. The report elaborates on the Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis disease indication starting from the definition and the causes of the SPMS indication.

The report covers further details on the profile of an SPMS patient, Symptoms of SPMS patient, and disease progression in an SPMS patient. The report further highlights the multiple methods through which the patient can be diagnosed for SPMS. The later part of the report consists of SPMS epidemiology and prevalence in the key geographies across the globe like US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan etc. The epidemiology for SPMS indication across key geographies has been forecasted till 2024 as well in the report.

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