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PharmaScroll has been supporting clients on KOL identification and monitoring since past few years. PharmaScroll’s TreasureTell database is an easy-to-use KOL platform that captures around 4000 precise, reliable and high-quality key opinion leader profiles across US and other locations with an in-depth coverage on broader therapy areas like Oncology, Cardiovascular diseases, Neurology, Immunology, Dermatology and many more. TreasureTell provides KOLs’ wide-ranging expertise spanning around publications, clinical trial experience, conference presentations, industry payments, advocacy group associations and their media presence. PharmaScroll’s KOL analytics services enable the clients to discover potential KOLs and explore the network maps of these KOLs which helps in effective stakeholder engagement and management across the product portfolio and brand adoption.

Key Opinion Leader Identification

As a leader of KOL analytics services, we curate the top and highly relevant profiles of industry experts from commercial as well as publicly available resources by a team of skilled researchers. These KOLs are mapped on regional, local, national & international levels and also by their position and influence within the given domains. The KOLs are critical for trial investigations, advocacy activity and marketing strategies such as expanding brand awareness and enhancing product credibility, to plan communications strategies, conference presentations, etc.

KOL Profiling & Ranking

Our KOL dashboard offers rich information on
  • Physician’s Full Name
  • Qualification & Designation
  • Affiliation
  • Location
  • Research areas of interest
  • NPI Id
  • Publications
  • Clinical Trials
  • Conference Presentations
  • Industry Payments
  • Advocacy Group Associations
  • Media Presence
The KOLs are ranked based on their expertise and influence in the given therapy area.

KOL Network Mapping

Our KOL network mapping provides a visual representation of the KOLs’ network and their relationships with other stakeholders. The KOL network mapping helps in identifying the most influential KOLs and their connections with other stakeholders. The KOL network mapping also helps in identifying the KOLs who are most likely to influence the other stakeholders.

KOL Monitoring

Our KOL monitoring services help in tracking the KOLs’ activities and their impact on the brand. The KOL monitoring services help in identifying the KOLs who are most likely to influence the other stakeholders.

KOL Online & Offline Presence: Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs)

With the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, social media engagement provides an advantage to the brand’s perception. Along with the research profiles, we also offer updates on KOL associations and activities by tracking their presence in traditional media, medical events and their online presence by tracking their social media activity through channels like twitter and LinkedIn. At PharmaScroll we also identify the Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) and Key opinion bloggers who have a different reach and approach to a wider online community within the specified therapy areas.

Why TreasureTell is the Go-To Platform for KOL Analytics?

Breadth of coverage

Extensive KOL coverage around broader therapy areas across multiple geographies including US, Europe and others

Depth of coverage

In-depth coverage of KOL attributes such as publications, clinical trial experience, industry payments, News/announcements and events.

Ranking of KOLs

Along with identification of top KOLs and DOLs, unbiased ranking within the given domain based on clients’ needs.

Timely Updates

Weekly updates to the activities of KOLs so that companies are aligned with changing trends in KOL engagements.

Network Maps

Visual representation of KOLs’ network and their relationships with other stakeholders.

KOL Monitoring

Tracking the KOLs’ activities and their impact on the brand.

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